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> 'A prudent question is one half of wisdom'
Francis Bacon

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you driven by profit or fun?

Profit is not the only measure of business success but without it no business can remain viable nor sustain itself. read more »

What exit strategy?

"Death is my exit strategy. I’ll be doing significant customer service only as long as I live."
Craig Newmark

How well does this sentiment describe the extent of your Exit Strategy? read more »

What glue holds your business together?

Michael Gerber variously has stated that a well defined system is the glue that binds a business and further, that it is system that allows ordinary people to achieve extraordinary things. read more »

Do your family want in?

Family succession though common to SME businesses is regrettably not a common success. The popular press has documented some of the more acrimonious undertakings though most have not graced the public media. read more »

Are you as good as you could be?

Henry Ford was known to say "...you can have any colour car you like; as long as it is black". Such were the shortages following WW11 that business owners could be so audacious with their offering and still be stampeded for their goods. read more »

I am an SME business owner – is risk management relevant to me?

Emphatically YES. To think this is the preserve of the large corporations would be folly.

For most SME business owners the value of their business is their greatest asset in value and therefore the loss or major impairment of this asset would be devastating. read more »

Are we a good fit for you?

Following is our existing client profile and as supported by our testimonials is a group of business operators we serve very well. read more »

Why hesitate?

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results"
Benjamin Franklin

We do promise you different results provided you are ready for change. read more »

We will happily confer with you to explore the possibility of meeting your business needs on a no fee and no obligation basis »