Business Success Formula Shalom
Change Management
> The fundamental business management practices have been well known and documented for decades;
so why is it that so many fail, some achieve some measure of success and very few achieve great success?

Business Success Formula

Drive your business with focus and clarity of purpose

"You can't overestimate the need to plan and prepare. In most of the mistakes I've made, there has been this common theme of inadequate planning beforehand. You really can't over-prepare in business!"
Chris Corrigan read more »

Revenue - without it the rest does not matter

Winston Churchill is credited with the quotation that "...success is never final; failure never fatal..."

How apt a sentiment when as a business owner you tackle the challenge of preserving and building your business revenue stream; the non- disputed lifeblood of any business. read more »

Make more right decisions

All business owners are continuously making decisions however there are some of such importance that they shape the future of their business; good or bad. read more »

Complement your problem solving capacity

"I would rather be surrounded by smart people than have a huge budget. Smart people will get you there faster." as quoted in The McKinsey Way by Ethan Rasiel. read more »

Clarify Key Performance Indicators and assist analysis

What meaningfully can be achieved from business planning irrespective of the integrity of the planning process if there is no appropriate following process of measurement, analysis and problem solving? read more »

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