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About Shalom Business Development

Company Background

Patrick Hinchy and his wife Charly Beitzel are co-founders of Shalom Business Development and remain continuing principal consultants.

Patrick & Charly commenced Shalom in 1993 when Patrick retired from partnership of a Brisbane CBD based chartered accounting practice and Charly completed her business studies degree.

This was motivated by Patrick’s experiences when engaged as a visiting specialist consultant presenter for several preceding years to the Financial Management Research Centre (FMRC) based at the New England University in Armidale.

At that time FMRC were conducting intensive week long business management courses targeting SME business owners. These courses proved to be well attended.

This experience led Patrick & Charly to conclude (indeed emphatically confirmed by survey of attendees) that SME business owners were seeking much more than that offered by the typical accountant namely ad hoc support with emphasis invariably on taxation.

Patrick & Charly therefore established Shalom specifically to provide ongoing support to SME business owners who recognised that by embracing improved management practice they could better grow and develop their businesses.

Shalom grew quickly and broadened its range of services beyond its original scope of business coaching and systems development.

Shalom grew to employ a consulting team of 10 with its size then dictating that Patrick & Charly undertake frequent and long business trips away from home.

Charly firstly restricted her travel once our young children became of school age.

It became an imperative for quality of family life that the pace and duration of travel be greatly reduced and hence Shalom was re-engineered commencing in 2007.

Shalom has since then reduced its team to Patrick & Charly and resumed its original services scope of business coaching and business system development.


Patrick Hinchy's CV

  • Business advising for 30 years
  • Partner in Chartered Accounting practice until 1993
  • Formerly Chairman of Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia State Membership and Small Business Committees
  • Founded Shalom Business Development in 1993 and continuing
  • Specialist consultant to former Qld State Government administered Queensland Business Development Corporation
  • Currently registered Mentor to Qld State Government Business Development Unit
  • Formerly visiting specialist consultant presenter to Financial Management Research Centre based at New England University
  • Former public company director
  • Founding director of several long term successful business enterprises
  • Married with 6 children
  • Former State track & field record holder, A grade rugby league player, representative Touch Football player
  • Non business preferred activities include time with family, travel with family, fitness, sport, reading and relaxing with friends


Charly Beitzel's CV

  • Charly has worked across a host of differing professions and industries as a business process modeling and human resource consultant
  • She has held senior operational management positions in organisations and also has extensive experience in running her own management consultancy
  • Since 1993 she has consulted with and assisted business owners to improve their systems and people performance
  • She has addressed this at both the strategic and mIcro levels. “Clients want to know they are doing things right and have access to knowledge and resources that is fast, easy to use and ensures they are not dependent on people"
  • People changes happen, skills and knowledge go out the door, how do we make this as pain free as possible? This significant challenge is my brief!
  • Charly has a Diploma of Teaching and Bachelor of Education, having lectured in Pedagogics at James Cook University; she is currently completing her MBA with QUT and higher certification in Business Process Modeling with the Association of Information & Image Management
  • Being a dual international, having played Touch and Women’s Rugby at national and world cup level and several other sports at regional and state level underpins a discipline, attention to detail and related personal and professional attitude to excellence

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