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> 'He only profits from praise who values criticism'
Heinrich Heine

Client Testimonials

What Our Clients Say About Shalom...

“As a M4G Mentor since 2006, Patrick Hinchy has provided innovative Queensland businesses with invaluable feedback and options for improvement. The professionalism and knowledge that Patrick has demonstrated at M4G is a testament to the value that his company, Shalom Business Development, offers its clients. As an agent of the Queensland Government, I can not recommend Patrick's business to you. However, I strongly suggest that you consider Shalom Business Development when evaluating professional business services.”

Ian Gilbert Project Manager - Business Innovation Queensland Government

“Shalom has been very much responsible for our growth, mainly due to their management support, the implementation of effective systems, the development of comprehensive work place manuals and employee job specifications. From a personal and senior management point of view, the most rewarding achievement is the professional culture and discipline which Shalom has instilled in our organisation.”

Kevin Graetz Managing Director - Graetz Group

“During that time they have compelled us to adopt good management discipline and provided objectivity to our critical decision making processes. They actively listen, understand our needs and provide informed practical advice. We have grown substantially and become a better business during the period of their engagement and we recognise the significant contribution by Shalom to this outcome.”

Rob Heymink Managing Director - Access Office Systems

“In these current economic times, we have seen other long-standing businesses close their doors, whilst with your advice and guidance, we have continued to flourish. You have assisted us in obtaining funding from financial institutions to further our investments outside of the business. You have given us guidance with tax matters, which avoids the last minute rush that often leads to wrong decisions/poor planning. We look forward to many more years of a profitable partnership with your business.”

Tracey Blakeley Proprietor - RetireInvest Toowoomba

“Looking at the ‘big picture’ can sometimes be overwhelming, but Patrick keeps us on track by breaking it down into smaller achievable objectives. Often he will see things from a different perspective and will voice his opinion if he does not agree with ours. This is exactly what we need in our business.”

Craig Ball Partner - The Carter Group Financial Planners

“Just recently I was tempted to close the doors to my business but with Shalom's support I have a fresh new approach to my business, and sales have doubled.”

Hands in Harmony Wellbeing Centres

“Patrick is on call 24 / 7... He's a good bloke to have a beer with... He beats me at golf despite me paying him money... His advice during my divorce saved me 7 hundred thousand dollars...”

Dr S Geffen Rehabilitation Specialty Practice & Pain Management Centres

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